2nd Apr, 2013

So, I’m in love with the perfect candidate – what next?


The problem with most of us is that after an exhausting search for that ‘perfect person’ we will often want to forego the reference checks opting to go with our ‘gut feelings’ and just hire our dream candidate. After all, my perfect candidate interviewed well at all levels of the organization, answered all the scary questions we could throw at them and just seemed to be a perfect fit.

STOP! before you take the plunge consider some recent statistics from BackCheck – Canada’s largest and leading pre-employment background checking company.

12% of Canadians have a criminal record
Firms loose an estimated 5% of revenue per year to occupational fraud. Smaller firms (less than 100 employees) account for 42% of the victim companies.
34% of candidates exaggerate on their resume – usually around why they left their job, embellishing the importance of their last position and responsibilities and/or fabricating period of employment or worse they never worked for the employer as stated on their resume.
10% of candidates may lie about the level of education and degrees received.

Candidates are well aware that many Canadian firms either do not do checks at all or do not do proper checks. Knowing this, some candidates will take chances including exaggerating their experience, education and achievements on their resume.

Terminating your ‘perfect candidate’ when they don’t work out is costly to the company and embarrassing to the hiring manager, especially if proper checks were not done.

For more information check out www.backcheck.ca

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